Dhyana Buddha statue

The Dhyana Buddha statue of 125 ft (38 m) is located at Amravati and it can be seen in a scenic locale around the lush green fields and on the banks of Krishna river spread across 4.5-acre .

The Lord Buddha statue  depicts meditating (dhyana mudra) while he is seated on a giant lotus in open air which has a three-layered museum inside it with sculptures depicting Buddhist significance associated with enlightenment of Buddha, enlightenment under bodhi tree and all other events in the life of Buddha.

The statue stands on massive Lotus supported by eight pillars that signifies the path for salvation followed by Buddha, four zones depicting noble truths and five asana pillars for stages of life, essences of Buddhist teachings from 24 chapters and 424 stanzas were carved on 200 panels in the main hall of the Dhyana Mandiram.

Interestingly Lord Buddha taught the first Kalachakra root tantra here in Amravati to King Suchindra upon his request. This allowed the king to practice the Dharma without renouncing his worldly enjoyments and responsibilities and Amravati is historically famed for the Kalachakra event.

It is strategically located near to Sri Amaralingeswara Swami Temple which is a famous and must visit temple during this holy period. One of the best things is Dhyana Buddha Ghats in Amravati is near to Dhyana Buddha statue and it is located 33 KM away from Vijayawada & 25 km from guntur.


Dhyana Buddha Project was conceived and executed by Regulla Mallikarjuna Rao who held the post of the Social Welfare Joint Director in 2004 and Rao had the opportunity to present one of his works to Bill Clinton, the then US president, during his visit to Hyderabad in 2000.

Dalai Lama visited Amaravati during the Kalachakra event in 2006 and donated Rs 30 lakhs and promised to extend support to develop the place as an international Buddhist study center and also donate 300 volumes of Buddhist literature.

It was taken over by the Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh in 2007 and now  Chandrababu Naidu Govt. took up this task and bringing together the best minds and Best Practices in the world to Improve tourism and spread the heritage to generations.


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