Jewel Cities of Amaravathi..

After Capital Amaravathi announcement, In order to decentralize growth to all the villages/townships in the Andhra Pradesh Capital region, AP CRDA has planned to develop 9 Jewel Cities like our country Navaratnas.

Each city will be surrounded by multiple townships to bring economic development to all the surrounding cities in a specific theme.

Below are the 9 themes and allocated villages that are mapped by Government of Andhra Pradesh & CRDA as part of  Master Plan

Amaravathi – Jewel Citites
  1. Culture City:  Nekkallu Township,Ananthavaram Township, Pichakalapalem Township
  2. Electronics City: Bethapudi,kuragallu Township & Nidamarru Township
  3. Financial City: Malkapuram Townhip, Mandadam Township & Uddandarayunipalem Township
  4. Government City:Lingayapalem Township, Rayapudi Township & Velagapudi Township(Current Secretariat & Assembly(Temp))
  5. Health City:Nowluru Township & Krishnayapalem Townshhip around Nidamarru and Kuragallu
  6. Justice City:Nelapadu Township, Thullur Township & Kondamarajupalem Township
  7. Knowledge City:Nekkallu Township, Sekhamuru Township & Inavolu Township
  8. Sports City:Abbarajupalem Township, Borupalem Township & Dondapadu Township
  9. Tourism City:Penumaka Township, Undavalli(Caves) Township & Venkatapalem Township.

As of now, Knowledge and Health cities are experiencing the fastest development as those are the primary needs for any economic growth.


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