Undavalli Caves

The Undavalli Caves is one of the finest testimonials to ancient viswakarma sthapathis(deity of all craftsmen and architects) which represents the Monolithic architecture that means carved,casts excavated from a single piece of material.

Location: Located in Undavalli village,Tadepalle Mandal in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh,  India.

Timings:The caves are open for tourists from 9am to 6pm IST

Things to do:

  • The most striking feature of the Undavalli cave is the 5 meter long statue of the Lord Buddha in the reclining position.
  • Another major attraction of the cave is the sculpture of the Lord Vishnu, which is made out of the single granite block.
  • The ideal time to plan out the holiday trip to the Undavalli caves lies between the month of October and February.
  • Lush greenary and river krishna view from top of caves


Discovered during 420 – 620 AD, and caves of Undavalli were dedicated to the Anantapadmanabha and Narisimhaswami.

Undavalli caves are an example of how many Buddhist artifacts and stupas in Andhra were converted into Hindu temples and deities.It is also believed that these caves were used by the Buddhist monks as the rest houses.

It was originally a Jain cave resembling the architecture of Udayagiri and Khandgiri,There are three layers in the cave.The lower level resembles to the Jain abode with many chambers and Thirthankara(a saviour who has succeeded in crossing over life’s stream of rebirths like Jain Mahavira) Sculptures.The second level has as the statue of reclining God . These caves are made in Gupta style of architecture.Facade of the third floor is adorned with numerous sculptures, including depictions of lions and elephants.


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