Prakasam Barrage

Our Historic Prakasam Barrage is about to complete 60 years.

Prakasam barrage collage

Prakasam Barrage that is popularly known as Krishna barrage is a must visit place if you are coming to Kanakadurga temple or passing by .

Completed in 1957, it helps to irrigate over 1.2 million acres of Agriculture land that transformed the Krishna Delta into the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh.

The impressive structure of the Prakasam Barrage stretches 1223.5 meter long across the Krishna River and serves also as a road bridge and parallel you can see a train track and another bridge that connects Krishna and Guntur districts.

  • In those days, it cost around Rs 2.38 crore in those days.
  • Left canal serves 5,71,351 acres, the Right one caters for 5,71,351 acres.
  • under the leadership of British Engineer Sir Arthur Cotton, a temporary barrage was built on Krishna Delta with a cost Rs 1.75 crore. After formation of Andhra state from tamil nadu, then Tanguturi Prakasham Pantulu laid the foundation for the barrage in 1954 and completed in 3 years.

Things to do:

The barrage provides gorgeous view with the shimmering lake and from here , you can admire a truly Panoramic view that will definitely thrill the viewers .

During 11 day Dasara festival, The Teppotsavam , a celestial boat ride, of goddess Kanakadurga and her consort Malleswara Swami at Durga ghat with sunset reflected in the placid waters of the Krishna, the specially decorated and illuminated ‘Hamsa Vaahanam ’ is a must visual treat .

The barrage has 76 pillars in total; 70 pillars belong to Guntur district and 6 belong to Krishna district, so when water is released during flood times it like a ocean of water flushing from gates .

Recently during 2016 Krishna Pushkaralu, as part of Prakasam Barrage Dam lighting project 20000pcs of LED lights are installed to provide a visual treat to audience watching the barrage like Niagara falls , and this is another brain child of CBN.




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