Krishna Harati @ Pavitra Sangamam

Pavitra Sangamam means Sacred Confluence. Pavitra Sangamam signifies the union of two sacred rivers Godavari and Krishna, that is near Ibrahimpatnam,Vijayawada.

Under the leadership and visionary of AP chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme was completed in record time of 8 months, India’s much awaited goal of interlink major rivers became a reality!!! Through this it allows to lift river Godavari flood water into Polavaram right canal that empties into the river Krishna in Vijayawada.

Pavitra Sangamam

Although the confluence is man-made,you can see the Beauty of Nature where you can red waters of the Godavari merging with the brown water of Krishna.

Since Interlinking of rivers, this Ferry Ghat of Ibrahimpatnam is creating an heavenly experience for the visitors and must place to visit and see performing Nava Haratulu to River Krishna.

Nava Haratulu:

  1. Nakshatra harati
  2. Pancha harati
  3. Chandra harati
  4. Surya harati
  5. Simha harati
  6. Kumbha harati
  7. Naga harati
  8. Omkara harati
  9. Nandi haratiHarati Timings:  Harati would last for 25 mins.

From April to September7.00 PM ; From October to March6.30 PM

For those who want to visit, it is advised to go early before start time as it is Light bound instead of time bound.There are steps to sit and watch the Harati.

Pavithra Sangamam Collage
Krishna River Harati
  • Things to do: 
  • offering spectacular view of confluence of two Sacred Rivers(red waters of the Godavari merging with the brown water of Krishna).
  • Nava Haratulu
  • Holy dip in the river
  • Krishna Theeram- will speak about the origin of the river, its tributaries and other facets.
  • Water Sports (Refer our post for Water Sports for more details)
  • Morning View


How to Reach: Pavitra Sangamam junction is well connected by four lane highway from Vijayawada city and just 20 minutes by car, and Parking is also available.

Route Map to Pavitra Sangamam Ghat

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