Bhavani Island


Wearing Certain life jackets is strictly recommended as it keep your head above water and help you remain in a safe position to breath properly.Adult-sized life jackets will not work for children. Special life jackets customized for kids is recommended.

Don’t hesitate to ask for life Jackets & Avoid Fully crowded boats, Hold tight!!


Vijayawada is known for  Durga Temple of Goddess Durga. She is the presiding deity of this city and also known as Bhavani and hence the island is named as Bhavani Island.

Bhavani Island is surrounded with Krishna water and naturally formed lagoons,and is one of the largest river islands formed by the river spread across 133 acres.

Bhavani Island attractions
Bhavani Island

There’s no shortage of things to do in this Island. APTDC has developed infrastructure which include sporting activities, water sports,resorts, rural museum, Berm Park, Fishing,rope-way etc.

How to reach:

From Vijayawada Bus Stand to Bhavanipuram it takes 8 minutes to reach (7 KM),  from Haritha Berm Park Hotel to Bhavani Island take a cruise boat .

Don’t forget to keep cameras at the ready for scenic panorama views of the Prakasam barrage and city.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the boat ride from Bhavanipuram to the Island
  • Over 17 outdoor adventure activities designed to immerse visitors in the island’s

ski boat, jet boat rides, pedal boats, banana boat, swan boat rides, bumper boats, exciting floating restaurant, boat charters, fishing, round leisure boat trip

  • Go-float with exotic waterfront floating restaurant – Tanvi River Cruise
  • Tree house kind of Resorts
  • Take time from the busty hours to spend time with kids & Family
  • Enjoy the sun shades and breeze with fresh coconut water


For more details about the accommodation, visit

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