Laser show & Musical fountain near Bhavani island

On Dec 25th, Andhra Pradesh tourism has set up the first-of-its-kind laser show and musical fountain showing the history and that suits the nativity of people covering importance of river Krishna and Durgamma near the Bhavani island in Vijayawada.

The laser show will be projected on a water screen integrated with musical and dancing fountain.This screen is 40 meter high and 75 meter in width, through which 452 different colors can be projected and fountain can perform 118 swings .

Laser Show at bhavani island
Laser Show and musical dancing fountains at Bhavani Island

With this Laser Show, Bhavani Island is going to become an Iconic tourist attraction in the state and set themselves apart from other places.


Laser show highlights the Native Script to spread the Importance of the river and place.

Sync of Music, timed light and waves across the river water backdrop leaves tourists mesmerized.

Laser Show and Dancing Fountains Collage 1
Laser Show and Dancing Fountains Bhavani Island

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